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As Akdeniz Kimya, we work with 700 personnel in two factories. We use the Time Management, Remuneration, R&D Incentives, Security and Cafeteria applications of the Enibra System.

It is very convenient that all these modules are fully integrated, not to re-enter the same data for each of them. Moreover, we monitor the data of subcontracted personnel in enibra.

We are a growing company. We benefit from incentives such as 6111, 17103, R&D. We do not have to manually prepare documents for both our internal reports and the reports sent to official institutions.

Since the system is web-based, we can also work from home.

In general, I can say that we are very satisfied with enibra.


We provide payroll services to our 40+ customers.

Most production factories. Some benefit from free zone incentives, some manage R&D centres.

Each of them has different HR policies and wage rights.

Some have collective bargaining agreements, some have private company regulations.

Although each of them has different applications, we can fully respond to all differences with the same enibra system.

We had experienced other programs before Enibra, enibra is very different.

Thanks enibra.

SALİH BENLİ Payroll Specialist

We researched a lot with our HR Team. The expectations of our HR department should be met and it should be able to integrate with Oracle Applications.

During the project work, I got to know the software layer of enibra. It was really designed as it should be. Of course, the quality in the software layer was reflected in the product.

In Enibra System, we manage user authorizations as Information Technology. We can determine the authorizations of all users with the criteria we want and report them. We can report which user did what action when. In addition, users log in to enibra with their Active Directory passwords.

We are very sensitive about fee confidentiality. As IT personnel, our access to the database layer is limited, we cannot see wages and similar data, we are comfortable.

Human Resources are very satisfied, they say "It's good that we switched to enibra" every time we talk.

SERKAN ŞEKER Information Technology

We started working with Enibra in 2012. At that time we had 1500 personnel.

We used to work night shifts for a few days for end-of-month work and put a lot of effort into it. Tracking and executing our processes with different programs and excel tables was tiring for us.

Today, we can manage all our Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Processes through a single program, using Enibra, with the number of our employees exceeding 3500.

Flexible. We carry out all our processes successfully with the reporting structure and the fast and devoted efforts of the Enibra Support Team.

Thanks enibra

TALAT ERGENE Human Resources

We can count many reasons.

The first reason is speed. Both the software is fast, and when we have a problem, enibra Guides are quick to respond and solve. Also, when we call and share our problem, we have no difficulty in explaining the issue. We are meeting with a guide who knows the labor laws and knows us. The second reason is that we can use enibra for all HR processes. There is a large family of modules. All modules are fully integrated, we process a data into the relevant module once, and use it in all modules. In addition, when we have special development requests, developments are made in a very short time and they are put into live use. If the existing designs in reporting are not sufficient, we can take special developments for our company and prepare the relevant report by pressing a few buttons. As Zaimoğlu Holding Human Resources Department, we manage the Human Resources Processes of 6 companies from one point. Each of our users can only see the company and personnel they are authorized. Leave balances, payroll information, job descriptions, wage information, none of them need to come to Human Resources and spend time.

We switched to working from home as HR during the pandemic process. Since we uploaded all personnel documents to enibra, we were able to view a document in the personnel file of the personnel from our home.


Enibra is both very fast and automatic.

We, as Weber, report to the Saint-Gobain Group every month. By the morning of the first day of the month, all accruals must be completed, bank instructions must be prepared, accounting integrations must be made and monthly reports must be given to the head office.

However, we have factories in different provinces. Working in 3 shifts. Therefore, we have to wait for the morning of the first of the month to receive the payroll in full. Enibra automatically transfers the missing and overtime work from a month ago to the current month's payroll. It also considers the work from the day we prepare the payroll to the end of the month as fully worked out. At the end of the month, we complete all our transactions without any stress and without delay.

Of course, the ePersonel Application also has great importance. Our employees make their requests through enibra without using paper forms. Requests are notified to the relevant managers via e-mail via the signature route we have determined. Our managers also approve requests from their mobile phones. We are not chasing documents.

I can't think of an option without Enibra.

ÖNER KIVRAK Human Resources

You can call us immediately and get information. 0232 345 54 80

enibrahuman resources solution is best because of 5 reason


We enjoy making our customers happy.

"We feel like we're his only customer." It's an honor to hear.


You can work from wherever you want.

"enibra", a software with web technology It allows you to work from anywhere with 24/7 access.


We develop customized solutions for your company.

Both your company-specific reports and your workflow processes. With our experienced project team, we include your original processes in the system.


We implement law changes "just in time".

We follow the law changes and complete the necessary updates without your request and provide information.


"enibra robot"

Thanks to timely jobs and automatic notifications, we manage your processes without human effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we recommend that you get as much information as possible from our website and youtube channel.

Then we give you a meeting appointment. 10 min at the meeting. lasting presentation and 50 min. We end our meeting with a question-and-answer session. In this meeting, we write down the problems you want to solve, item by item. Then we apply these items on the system and make a second presentation. The second presentation includes the use of the direct system. Then we present our offer.

After accepting the offer, we sign the contract mutually, create the project timeline and start.

Yes. However, some modules have dependencies on other modules. Since it is not possible for those modules to work without purchased dependent modules, they cannot be sold individually.

BASIC MODULES are the core needed by all modules that must exist.

For example, if the CHARGE (Payroll) Module is to be purchased, the TIME MANAGEMENT Module must be purchased along with the basic modules. In the question and answer section of our first presentation, we determine together which modules you need.

Enibra modules mostly have a structure suitable for companies' processes. In addition, since all of these modules work with parametric settings, you, our customers, can determine the decision-making and working system.

However, in case of need, we do a special work for you with the "Special Software Development" service.

Yes. We have an Annual Support and Update agreement for this. Our customers with ongoing agreements do not pay any price for the implementation of the changes made by the government to the system.

Apart from the changes made by the government, the developments and improvements made by the enibra Team regarding the modules you have purchased are also applied to the customer system free of charge within the scope of the agreement.

Our customers always use the latest version.

Easy Reporting with Enibra

All the reports you need as standard are available in enibra. However, in case of your special report needs, we enable you to easily create reports without the need for any technical knowledge.

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Our Business Partners

BRD - enibra insan kaynakları yazılım iş ortağı

With its expert staff in payroll legislation and Labor Law, it provides services to companies in payroll and labor law consultancy and audits.

It uses the enibra System while providing payroll services to over 40 customers.

mor yazılım - enibra insan kaynakları yazılım iş ortağı

It is our business partner that developed Turkey's first and only Software Development Platform (Moremotion Application Studio) in 2005.

Mor Yazilim developed a completely process-based Municipality Management System named MOBEL in 2012.

enibra System is integrated with Online EBYS System called IsoDeck developed by Mor Yazilim. With this integration, personnel documents (Payroll, etc.) are sent to the KEP addresses of the personnel.


It is our business partner that meets the ERP needs of companies with its experienced staff.

Spartakus Software has developed the ERP System called NOMOS, which stands out with its consistent and fast cost calculations, especially in the production sector. Enibra Standard Package is used as the Human Resources module.

Politeknik - enibra insan kaynakları iş ortağı

It is our business partner that carries out engineering activities in the production of PDKS Equipment and Protective Equipment Vending Machines.

With the access control devices they have developed for the enibra System, online or offline access data collection and control is provided.

Kudzu - enibra insan kaynakları iş ortağı

It is our business partner operating in Cyber Security and IT Solutions. enibra Servers are managed by the Kudzu Team.